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Verona Verse


It’s your hundredth date. Your better half gets butterflies when surprised but despises dolls and barbies. This starling arrangement of exotic orchid and lilies flowers in a classic cube box is the perfect way to twist your relationship with a pinch of healthy tease.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: CL-DW-350097
  • No Of Stems: 10
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: Beautiful TLF Cube Box
  • Type Of Flower: Oriental White Lilies, Anthurium White, Spider Orchids Red. Dry Sticks, Birds Of Paradise.
  • Color Of Base: Chiller Orange
  • Size Of Base: 7x7x7
  • Country Of Origin: India

Say That You Love Me


With a handpicked collection of beautiful gypso and blue orchids, we present to you the ultimate package for your sweet valentine. Surprise them with this orchid flower bouquet and express the fondness of your heart with a single click!

Product Specification:

  • SKU: PR-SP-810069
  • No Of Stems: 10
  • Color Of Flower: Shades of blue
  • Type Of Base: Beautiful TLF Heart Pop up Box with Cavity Tray
  • Type Of Flower: Orchids and Gypso
  • Color Of Base: Oriental Sea Green
  • Size Of Base: 8x8x8
  • Country Of Origin: India

Number Series – 1


Know of a precious baby who just turned One? As delicate and endearing as the apple of your eye, purple orchids flower out of the number, making it the perfect adornment for the little one’s first birthday.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: PR-DW-820095
  • No Of Stems: 10
  • Color Of Flower: Purple
  • Type Of Base: TLF Number Box
  • Type Of Flower: Makara Orchids
  • Color Of Base: Wellington white
  • Size Of Base: 7x6x13
  • Country Of Origin: India

Parcel From Paradise


Impress your loved ones by gifting them this tantalising hamper crafted with love and intricacy. A very striking combo of captivating blooms and delightful Bournville wrapped up with a sense of richness. Made for gifting, do buy this Orchids, Spiral Sticks, and Gypso box bouquet if you are invited to a party anytime soon.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: PR-DW-960018
  • No Of Stems: 24
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: TLF 4 Section Cut Box
  • Type Of Flower: Orchids, Spiral Sticks, Gypso
  • Color Of Base: Granite
  • Size Of Base: 14x8x7
  • Country Of Origin: India

Dainty Frame


Wrapped in a hexagonal sleek purple frame, these extraordinary flower sets of Rose, Lily, Anthurium, Orchids, and Birds Of Paradise are easy to carry and sturdy as they come with a shield of acrylic glass.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: PR-DW-910077
  • No Of Stems: 14
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: Hexagon Acrylic Box
  • Type Of Flower: Rose, Lily, Anthurium, Orchids, Birds Of Paradise
  • Color Of Base: Purple
  • Size Of Base: 15x6x8
  • Country Of Origin: India

Showered With Love- ‘He’


With the advent of new heartbeats at your loved one’s home, you are most excited to visit them. This cradle-shaped carnation, lily & orchids bouquet possesses the ability to overwhelm them with the feeling of joy and love.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: PR-SP-910059
  • No Of Stems: 18
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: TLF Baby Bassinet
  • Type Of Flower: Carnation, Lily, Anthurium, Hydrangea, Orchids.
  • Color Of Base: Blue
  • Size Of Base: 15x6x6
  • Country Of Origin: India

Sweet Snuggles


A perfect blend of roses and orchids beautifully adorned with dry sticks, this flower arrangement of Roses, Orchids, and Dry sticks creates a truly enchanting display that will delight anyone who receives it. This flower bouquet box is an ideal gift for any occasion, from Valentine’s Day to anniversaries and birthdays.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: LX-SP-790576
  • No Of Stems: 24
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: TLF Cuboid Box
  • Type Of Flower: Roses, Orchids, Dry Stick
  • Color Of Base: Brown
  • Size Of Base: 16x5x5
  • Country Of Origin: India

Posies With A Poise


Always struggle with words when it comes to writing a letter to the one you love? Let the flowers say it all! Curated neatly and blossoming in its vibrant glory, this flower arrangement of Roses, Carnations, Orchids and Anthurium please the onlooker at first sight. Express, impress or just find a new way to revive the spark with these posies, packaged with a poise.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: PR-DW-960063
  • No Of Stems: 50
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: TLF 4 Section Box
  • Type Of Flower: Rose, Carnation, Anthurium, Orchids
  • Color Of Base: Black
  • Size Of Base: 12x8x6
  • Country Of Origin: India

Petite Paradise


With its striking combination of roses and lilies, this flower arrangement is a visual masterpiece. The blooms are accented with lush greenery and delicate accents, creating a mesmerising display that is sure to captivate the eye.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: LX-SP-907076
  • No Of Stems: 36
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: TLF Lux Basket
  • Type Of Flower: Roses & Lily
  • Color Of Base: Blood Red
  • Size Of Base: 13x8x3
  • Country Of Origin: India

Astonishing Artistry


This luxurious bouquet showcases a variety of exotic blooms, including roses, lilies, anthuriums, and orchids, creating a stunning display of colors and textures that will leave you in awe. Whether it is for a special occasion or simply to show someone you care, this flower arrangement is a celebration of nature’s finest.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: LX-SP-772076
  • No Of Stems: 40
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: TLF Cuboid Box
  • Type Of Flower: Rose, Carnation, Orchids, Anthurium, Lilies
  • Color Of Base: Beige
  • Size Of Base: 14x6x6
  • Country Of Origin: India

Sparkling Rosette


Looking for the perfect way to pop a bottle of champagne with Carnations & Orchids and celebrate all the lovely years you spent loving each other? Well, this could be the catalyst of your evening to remember. Add this to your cart to celebrate a joyous anniversary or just another occasion to celebrate your successful union with your beloved.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: PR-DW-970035
  • No Of Stems: 36
  • No Of Fruit Champagne: 1
  • No Of Champagne Glasses: 2
  • Color Of Flower: Pink
  • Type Of Base: TLF Champagne Box
  • Type Of Flower: Carnation and Orchids
  • Color Of Base: White
  • Size Of Base: 18x8x6
  • Country Of Origin: India

Pur – Jean-François Rouquette


Witness the mesmerising view of this hamper. The flamboyant roses combined with an exotic pair of orchids and anthurium, with a slight hint of golden covering the centre portion. A bottle of wine levelling up with the game, glistening glasses of wine accompanying that. Sprinkled with baby’s breath just in the perfect amount. A couple of scented candles complete the gorgeousness.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: LX-DW-970053
  • No Of Stems: 15
  • No Of Fruit Wine Bottle: 1
  • No Of Glasses: 2
  • No Of Scented Candles: 2
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: TLF Round Wine Box.
  • Type Of Flower: Rose, Anthurium, Orchids, Gypso.
  • Color Of Base: Pink
  • Size Of Base: 15×7
  • Country Of Origin: India

Orchid flowers online in delhi

Welcome to the Luxury Florett, your go-to online destination for premium quality orchid flowers in Delhi! Our stunning collection of orchids is sure to make your loved ones feel special, no matter what the occasion is. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend or a beautiful arrangement to decorate your home, we’ve got you covered.

The Luxury Florett presents the perfect gift for your loved ones – exquisite orchid flowers! With our premium quality orchids, you can surprise your friends and family with a gift that’s as unique and special as they are. Our orchids are carefully selected and hand-picked to ensure that they are of the highest quality, and we offer a wide range of colors and varieties to choose from.

When you order orchid flowers online in Delhi from the Luxury Florett, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best. Our orchids are carefully hand-picked and sourced from the finest growers around the world, so you can enjoy their exquisite beauty and long-lasting freshness.

Our online ordering process is quick and easy. Simply browse our website, choose your favorite orchids, and place your order. We offer same-day delivery for orders placed before noon, so you can surprise your loved ones with a beautiful bouquet of orchids on the same day.

At Luxury Florett, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service. Our experienced florists are passionate about creating stunning arrangements that exceed your expectations. We are committed to your satisfaction, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

So why wait? Order your orchid flowers online in Delhi today from Luxury Florett and experience the beauty and elegance of these exquisite flowers. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, we have the perfect orchids for you.

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