Song Of India In A Ceramic Pot


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  • Plant Name- Song Of India
  • Plant Type- Air Purifying
  • Plant Height- Upto 12 inches
  • Plant Placement- Indoors
  • Curved Edges Square Vase- 8×8
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Song of India (Dracaena reflexa) is a tropical tree native to islands of the Indian ocean, including Mozambique, Madagascar, and Mauritius. This popular plant can be grown indoors, and thanks to its easy growth habits, it’s a great choice for beginner plant parents(just keep in mind that it’s toxic to pets like dogs and cats).

It has alternating dark green and chartreuse stripes on narrow, lanceolate leaves with veins that run parallel along their length. These leaves are in a whorled arrangement, gradually dying off to reveal a stem with an interesting pattern.

This broadleaf evergreen will often grow 12 to 20 feet tall in the wild, but it can be an adaptable plant when grown indoors. It will suit your needs as either a tabletop or floor specimen. As a houseplant, Song of India will reach a maximum height of 3 to 6 feet. It’s best to plant this species during the spring growing season, and plant parents can expect it to grow about 4 inches each year.

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song of india pot
Song Of India In A Ceramic Pot