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Love Heart (Small)


Add on a beautiful red heart that says I love you.

Party Poppers


Add on these party poppers to your gift.

Scented Candle


The  best scented candle!

Scented Candle (Vanilla)


The Best Scented Candle.

Sweet Teddy Bear (Small)


A small teddy bear is a must add on with your product.

Artificial Rose & White Teddy


Add on Artificial Rose & White Teddy to your gift.

I love you teddy (small)


Add on a small I love you teddy

White Teddy With Butterfly


Add on white teddy with butterfly

I love you teddy & artificial red rose


Beaming Blooms


This beautiful yellow gerbera is arranged in a stunning flower bouquet that is carefully crafted to showcase its natural beauty. The bright yellow petals and delicate green stems create a stunning contrast that will light up any room.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: CL-DW-350101
  • No Of Stems: 9
  • Color Of Flower: Yellow
  • Type Of Paper: Imported Korean Wrapping Sheets
  • Type Of Flower: Gerbera
  • Color Of Paper: Assorted
  • Country Of Origin: India

Garnet Glow


There’s something undeniably romantic about a red rose bouquet, and this flower bouquet captures that essence perfectly, with each rose carefully arranged to create a stunning display that is both elegant and unforgettable.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: LX-SP-751076
  • No Of Stems: 6
  • Color Of Flower: Red
  • Type Of Paper: Imported Korean Wrapping Sheet
  • Type Of Flower: Rose
  • Color Of Base: Red & Beige
  • Country Of Origin: India

Just Peachy


A dreamy combination of sweet and romantic blooms that will leave you in awe, this peach rose bouquet is the ultimate symbol of love and purity. Each petal exudes elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: LX-SP-753076
  • No Of Stems: 5
  • Color Of Flower: Peach
  • Type Of Paper: Korean Imported Paper
  • Type Of Flower: Roses
  • Color Of Paper: Beige
  • Country Of Origin: India
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