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Beauté Rouge


With amazing hues of green, we present to you the beautiful anthurium plants box bouquet for an evocative evening.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: EC-DW-750084
  • No Of Stems: 5
  • Color Of Flower: Green
  • Type Of Base: TLF Classic Cube Box
  • Type Of Flower: Anthurium
  • Color Of Base: Sea Green
  • Size Of Base: 7x7x7
  • Country Of Origin: India

Anthurium Hues


White and green anthurium carved into this arresting masterpiece, promises luxury and subtlety at first glance. Fresh spiral orchids, dainty Lily flowers and complimenting accessories give this tasteful bouquet its vibrant yet sophisticated charm.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: CL-DW-336606
  • No Of Stems: 10
  • Color Of Flower: Assorted
  • Type Of Base: Charming Cube Box
  • Type Of Flower: Oriental Lily, Anthurium (White and Green), Spider Orchids. Dry Stick.
  • Color Of Base: Garland Green
  • Size Of Base: 7x7x7
  • Country Of Origin: India



A layer of yellow pretty roses affixed to a green box with another layer sheltering them complimented by green anthurium. With an emotion to uplift your bond with your loved one, this pot of rose and anthurium flowers is a threshold to developing an unbreakable bond between you two.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: PR-SP-770082
  • No Of Stems: 20
  • Color Of Flower: Green and Yellow
  • Type Of Base: TLF Classic Cuboid Box
  • Type Of Flower: Anthurium and Rose
  • Color Of Base: Green
  • Size Of Base: 14x7x5
  • Country Of Origin: India

Manly Medly


Specially designed to show love and appreciation for the man in your life, the deep, rich red hues and velvety petals of the roses will captivate his senses and show him just how special he is. Celebrate the man in your life with our irresistible rose and anthurium tux box for him and let him know how much he means to you.

Product Specification:

  • SKU: LX-SP-755071
  • No Of Stems: 15
  • Color Of Flower: Red
  • Type Of Base: TLF Tux Box
  • Type Of Flower: Rose, Anthurium
  • Color Of Base: Black
  • Size Of Base: 7x7x9
  • Country Of Origin: India
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