Lipstick Aglaonema In A Diamond Cut Ceramic Vass


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  • Plant Name- Lipstick Aglaonema
  • Plant Type- Air Purifying
  • Plant Height- Upto 8 inches
  • Plant Placement- Indoors
  • Round Glass Vase (Diameter)- 7
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The darker green varieties can grow in near shade, while the variegated varieties require brighter light. Do not expose to direct sun. This plant will do quite well with just artificial lighting.

Water thoroughly in the summer, and mist often to raise humidity. During the winter, reduce watering but do not let the plant dry completely. Seek to raise humidity in general.


The aglaonema is a highly decorative plant & one of the most used interior landscape plant. It is easiest of all houseplants to grow, with several interesting varieties.

Aglaonema are evergreen perennial herbs with stems growing erect or decumbent and creeping. Stems that grow along the ground may root at the nodes. There is generally a crown of wide leaf blades which in wild species are often variegated with silver and green coloration. They are slow growing and will only need repotting every other year. Aglaonema are generally low-growing plants that will only very gradually reveal their trunks.

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Lipstick Aglaonema In A Diamond Cut Ceramic Vass
Lipstick Aglaonema In A Diamond Cut Ceramic Vass